Den Haag

So after my previous update was posted, I ordered a gin and tonic with… get this… cinnamon, star anise, and apple. It tasted like a white Christmas. Then, a Canadian professor introduced himself to me because he’d heard me speaking English by asking; “are you American?”

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Fill To Me The Parting Glass

Tomorrow, I fly. Farewell, friends :]

All the money that ‘ere I spent / I spent it in good company / And all the harm I’ve ever done, / Alas, it twas to none but me

And all I’ve done for want of wit, / To memory now I can’t recall / So fill to me the parting glass, / Goodnight and joy be to you all.

[Chorus] Fill to me the parting glass, / And drink a health what e’er befalls / And gently rise and softly call, / Goodnight and joy be to you all.

All the comrades that ‘ere I had, / They’re sorry for my going away / And all the sweethearts that ‘ere I had, / They wish me one more day to stay

But since it fell into my lot / That I should fly and you should not, / I gently rise and softly call / Goodnight and joy be to you all.

[Chorus x2]

My interpretation of Shaun Davey’s The Parting Glass [ ]