The Pentlands

Considering Edinburgh has a park like the Pentlands right at its doorstep, it’s actually ridiculous that it’s taken me this long to get down to it. It was a beautifully contrasty day of bright bright sunlight and a few puffy clouds—typical Edinburgh, really—and Jeremy and I went for an afternoon hike. Continue reading


Obligatory Tourist Tingz

There must be a grace period of a few weeks when you move in to a new town in which you’re allowed to play the stereotypical tourist and wander around famous spots with your mouth hanging open like some kind of simpleton with only enough brain capacity to operate a camera.

If there isn’t such a grace period, then please excuse my behaviour today. Continue reading

The View from my Window

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Or, the journey of a thousandย kilometresย begins with one missed flight connection... Nuance…

But, I can’t allow myself to complain despite the awful duration of the trip, because I’m about to fall into a well-deserved sleep in my cozy little dorm room in Edinburgh. And just so you know, this is the view from my window:

Goodnight, friends โค