I love Isle of Man, man.

If I had been packed and ready to go, catching an 8pm train after my shift ended at 7pm would have worked perfectly.

Keyword: if.

Unfortunately I had picked the night before to go on one of my very very rare clubbing nights. *Sigh* (It was a great night, if you’re wondering). As it stood I got home and packed and ate and was out of the house in half an hour, biking down to Haymarket to catch my train to Lancaster. Continue reading


St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

See, I would say that it’s really tacky of tourists to wear head-to-toe green on Paddy’s Day weekend, but to be fair, Dublin itself is head-to-toe green. Heather and I got off the plane into a green airport, illuminated like the majority of the city with green lights. Continue reading

Fill To Me The Parting Glass

Tomorrow, I fly. Farewell, friends :]

All the money that ‘ere I spent / I spent it in good company / And all the harm I’ve ever done, / Alas, it twas to none but me

And all I’ve done for want of wit, / To memory now I can’t recall / So fill to me the parting glass, / Goodnight and joy be to you all.

[Chorus] Fill to me the parting glass, / And drink a health what e’er befalls / And gently rise and softly call, / Goodnight and joy be to you all.

All the comrades that ‘ere I had, / They’re sorry for my going away / And all the sweethearts that ‘ere I had, / They wish me one more day to stay

But since it fell into my lot / That I should fly and you should not, / I gently rise and softly call / Goodnight and joy be to you all.

[Chorus x2]

My interpretation of Shaun Davey’s The Parting Glass [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDB87o-njFQ ]