I love Isle of Man, man.

If I had been packed and ready to go, catching an 8pm train after my shift ended at 7pm would have worked perfectly.

Keyword: if.

Unfortunately I had picked the night before to go on one of my very very rare clubbing nights. *Sigh* (It was a great night, if you’re wondering). As it stood I got home and packed and ate and was out of the house in half an hour, biking down to Haymarket to catch my train to Lancaster. Continue reading


Bohemian Rhapsody (lol Prague)

Jeremy and I woke up in Munich and rushed off to get ourselves sorted at the central station for what we thought was going to be a direct train to Prague, Czech Republic. We got there very very early, but were therefore able to relax over breakfast and watch two guys down several pints before 8am and try to flirt with a girl who was obviously having none of their shit as she grabbed a coffee on a way to catch her commuter train to work… hah, gotta love a trier I suppose.

Our train was waiting around for its departure time so after finishing our amazing cream-filling croissants (you’re welcome, Jer, for picking such delicious croissants when you expressly told me not to pick them 😉 ) we hopped on. Continue reading

Something in the Ayr…

Innovative Learning Week.

…bullshite, it’s party/travel week.

Now, I really haven’t been doing much of either, mostly because I’m poor and all my friends are away traveling on the continent and I have a few days of work this week, BUT I have actually managed to do a few fun things to keep me from feeling those same blues I was feeling when alone at Christmastime. Continue reading


So I’ll admit it: I’m a foreigner living in Scotland and I have never been exposed to the Scottish identity piece that is the movie Braveheart.

How, you may ask, could I have missed out on such a basic aspect of popular Scottish culture when I was planning on wasting/rocking a whole year in Scottish hedonism? Continue reading

Hadrian’s Wall

Let me tell you, that was a cruel cruel morning bikeride to Pollock Halls the morning after Halloween. But, I got there, met up with Katie, and promptly fell asleep on the bus despite the beautiful scenery and the beautiful sunshine. Woke up in England, where we eventually stopped at the Roman Fort of Birdoswald, which is where one of the longest intact stretches of Hadrian’s Wall remains. Continue reading

Obligatory Tourist Tingz

There must be a grace period of a few weeks when you move in to a new town in which you’re allowed to play the stereotypical tourist and wander around famous spots with your mouth hanging open like some kind of simpleton with only enough brain capacity to operate a camera.

If there isn’t such a grace period, then please excuse my behaviour today. Continue reading