Highland Fling in a Blizzard (also Whiskey)

So there I was, sitting on a four-day “weekend,” exceptionally bored.

Which really isn’t fair, since I just came back from a five-day tour of amazingness in the incredible Netherlands… But I had a shitty couple of shifts on the weekend at work (I really can’t deal with 9+ hour days, and I don’t know why they’re a thing here) and then proceeded to do, nothing, on Monday and Tuesday. (K, also not fair, because I totally went out to Dean Village on Tuesday). SHUT UP MY LIFE IS BORING I DO NOTHING.

But anyway, I was like, jeeeeez what am I doing sitting here when I have free time? Might as well explore Scotland! Continue reading


Dean Village

I was sitting at home trying to convince myself to get my lazy ass out of bed (unsuccessfully) when Katie called me and asked me if I wanted to go to Dean Village.

Sure! Continue reading

Den Haag

So after my previous update was posted, I ordered a gin and tonic with… get this… cinnamon, star anise, and apple. It tasted like a white Christmas. Then, a Canadian professor introduced himself to me because he’d heard me speaking English by asking; “are you American?”

…seriously dude? Continue reading

Haarlem and Eindhoven

So yesterday I spent the day in the picturesquely-medieval Haarlem, just twenty minutes from Amsterdam Centraal on the train. It was absolutely splendid. (like, quite possibly going to be my favourite part of the trip).

In the morning, I wandered through Vondelpark in Amsterdam for a bit… the amount of cyclists in Amsterdam is jaw-dropping anywhere but in Vondelpark it’s specifically insane. A very very nice park for a wander-through. Continue reading


So I’ll admit it: I’m a foreigner living in Scotland and I have never been exposed to the Scottish identity piece that is the movie Braveheart.

How, you may ask, could I have missed out on such a basic aspect of popular Scottish culture when I was planning on wasting/rocking a whole year in Scottish hedonism? Continue reading

Hadrian’s Wall

Let me tell you, that was a cruel cruel morning bikeride to Pollock Halls the morning after Halloween. But, I got there, met up with Katie, and promptly fell asleep on the bus despite the beautiful scenery and the beautiful sunshine. Woke up in England, where we eventually stopped at the Roman Fort of Birdoswald, which is where one of the longest intact stretches of Hadrian’s Wall remains. Continue reading