The Pentlands

Considering Edinburgh has a park like the Pentlands right at its doorstep, it’s actually ridiculous that it’s taken me this long to get down to it. It was a beautifully contrasty day of bright bright sunlight and a few puffy clouds—typical Edinburgh, really—and Jeremy and I went for an afternoon hike.

We took a bus down and got off a whiles away from the Flotterstone Information Centre (which is at the edge of the park), so we dipped through a very rural neighbourhood, talking about Pokรฉmon and looking at the various plants and things in bloom. It was a lovely area, deliciously rural but very close to Edinburgh, and somewhere I’d consider living.

We finally got to the Flotterstone info centre and grabbed their free map, then started onto a path. We were just doing a small loop that would take us up to a peak, plateau, then a slightly higher peak, before going down and walking along a reservoir and returning to Flotterstone where a pub was waiting for us. So we set out, climbing almost vertically among sheep fields. When we got to the top of the first peak, there were some weirdly-shaped old trees that were gnarled into perfect sitting places, so we stopped and took a break to eat some snacks.

The view was spectacular, of the rolling hills and fields around and into the distance, clouds dappling the light falling on the earth.

We continued along a sort of plateau and started upwards towards the second peak, called Carnethy Hill.

From there we could not only see the rolling farmland around, but the rest of the Pentland Hills beyond Scald Law (the next peak beside Carnethy Hill, and taller). It was so wonderful.ย We stopped again and had a wee lunch, then continued down into the valley between Carnethy and Scald where we kept going down until we reached the base.

At the base of the hill was either a paved path or a road. Either way, it was used by walkers. We followed it through the valley along a stream.

From there, we followed the Glencourse Reservoir back around to where we’d entered the park.

sun shinin โ˜€flowers bloomin ๐ŸŒผ lovin the pentland hills ๐Ÿ—ป

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At Flotterstone, we hopped into the Flotterstone Inn for a pint and a huge meal (the fresh air really heightened our appetites haha). Then we weaved back through the neighbourhood to the bus stop and caught a bus back to Edinburgh ๐Ÿ™‚

Would love to do some hiking and even camping in the Pentlands someday… when I do my camping tour of the UK, perhaps :] xx


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